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 implementations of services not limited to the following:

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Item Subtitle

Is a Non- Clinical Community Based Peer Run Organization, Providing Mental Health Healing, and Wellness Coaching Support Service.  Provided By Peer Recovery Specialist and/ or Family Support Partners and Other Peer Support Providers. (Adapt 2 Healing Defines as not limited to: Relatable Peers, Relatable Peer Partners, Family Assistant Support Provider, PRS, CPRS, ) 

(SAMSHA) Defines: Principles of Core Competencies

Core competencies for peer workers reflect certain foundational principles identified by members of the mental health consumer and substance use disorder recovery communities. These are:

  • Recovery-oriented: Peer workers hold out hope to those they serve, partnering with them to envision and achieve a meaningful and purposeful life. Peer workers help those they serve identify and build on strengths and empower them to choose for themselves, recognizing that there are multiple pathways to recovery.

  • Person-centered: Peer recovery support services are always directed by the person participating in services. Peer recovery support is personalized to align with the specific hopes, goals, and preferences of the people served and to respond to specific needs the people has identified to the peer worker.

  • Voluntary: Peer workers are partners or consultants to those they serve. They do not dictate the types of services provided or the elements of recovery plans that will guide their work with peers. Participation in peer recovery support services is always contingent on peer choice.

  • Relationship-focused: The relationship between the peer worker and the peer is the foundation on which peer recovery support services and support are provided. The relationship between the peer worker and peer is respectful, trusting, empathetic, collaborative, and mutual.

  • Trauma-informed: Peer recovery support utilizes a strength-based framework that emphasizes physical, psychological, and emotional safety and creates opportunities for survivors to rebuild a sense of control and empowerment.

Last Updated: 04/16/2020




Item Subtitle

Evidence-Based Approaches 
Mental Health Case Management 
Family Support Case Management 
Crisis Prevention Support Coaching the
Strength-Based Support and Positive Motivation 
Coping and Resilience building Skills 
Self-efficacy and Family Advocacy skills 
Information and resource gathering promotion self-reliance and independence 
Meeting and Appointment Preparation 
Person and Family Based 
Natural, Community and Positive Social Support Skill building 
Needs-Based Support 
Trauma-Informed approaches 
Self-Care Strategies 
Organization and Time Management support 
Application Preparation 
Recovery and Resilience education 
Specific education, support and skill building based on Peer and Family Specific needs that may be provided by Peer Recovery Specialist, Family Support Partners and Peer Supports alike 
**This may be a limited list of provided services 


Item Subtitle

Individuals *18-20 yrs that met the medical necessity criteria that choose direct peer support services and 21 years of age and older that met the necessity criteria. 

Families with caretakers of youth under 21 that met the necessary criteria


Families whose head of household are 18 years and older with children 17 and younger ( No specific criteria required beyond 18 years of age) 

Families of whose head of household are 18 and older with dependents 18 year and older 


That May include not limited through: Peer Supports will provide Mutual support and share Lived experience, and Positive affirmation of HOPE when providing services. 

Peer Supports will provide Mutual support and share Lived experience, and Positive affirmation of HOPE when providing services. 

One on One Peer Support -(Adapt 2 Healing One on One Talk Sessions; Personal Service Plan * ISP may be initiated to address short and long term goals and objectives.  

One on One Peer Support (Adapt 2 Healing One on One Interactive Healing; part or some or all the Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP) may be incorporated depending on individual needs, including Self - Care Strategies, and Coping skills Support may also be included and not limited to received services. May Include Interactive Healing Group setting ** check with the insurance provider. 

Family Support Services; (Adapt 2 Healing Family Assistant Support Service)
Monthly service FEE. Hours are not to extend 10 hours a month. Includes a mandatory intake and consultant Fee*

Interactive Healing Group Sessions - Some Group sessions May or may not be covered under medical criteria check with the insurance provider

Supervision Support Service-One on One Peer Support;  May not be covered under medical criteria check with the insurance provider


Record Keeping 

Adapt 2 Healing LLC
Implementation of Services 
Adapt 2 Healing will enter into an agreement with the referal source;Clinic, Clinician,Physician, Social Worker, Probation or any Service Provider or Representative Authorized to refer a Potential Peer/Particiapant(s).

Progress will be captured in documentation through ongoing notes posted on the Adapt 2 Healing LLC Personal Service Plan ; defined as  Individual Service Plan,  Resilience Recovery and Wellness Plan
Services/Sessions will be provided Face to Face via In Person, Virtually Through a HIPPA Compliant Password protected cloud based/Software App Audio and or Video Conference and or phone (VLOP) 2 or more individual sessions a month or group session; unsuccessful session attempts by the Peer Provider that are documneted as unsuccesful contact     
may be considered; billable or non-billable ( check with Insurance and provider) 

Per Local requirements Documentation may include not limited to;
Intake Paperwork; Includes Consent and Agreements
Referrals; Purpose Medical Necessaity and any Assesments 
Goals, objective 
Strategies and Target dates 
Notes of Progress per Session (dated and signed )
Discharge of service Summary 
Transition of Service Plan   
Report Signed and dated 

Adapt 2 Healing LLC 
Record Keeping 
Records May be  saved in individual encrypted and/or Password protected file folders Electronicly and Hard copy as needed. 
Files may be electronical password protected and or encrypted. Electronic devices such as; desktop or laptop or Cellular device will be Password protected and or encrypted and or virus and securiy protected. 
Any Hard copies may be kepted within a two lock and or passowrd protected facility and or entitiy when files are not in use during a discussion or session with participants. 
We at Adapt 2 Healing LLC will not be held responbile for files that may  be breached by a third party at anytime through any electronic means that carry unknown possibiliteies of breach by outside sources.  
Peers/ Participants may be required to sign,verbaly approve, or put into writing any NR release forms of confidential information pertaining to the Peer/participant.
Adapt 2 Healing is registered provider of Availity Revenue Cycle Management Clearinghouse to process any excepted insurance payments. Participant insurance records may also be transmitted and kept record on using this platform that is in compliance with HIPPA. 

If There is any specific source or service you are interested in Please Inquire 

Adapt 2 Healing LLC 

This information listed stated and provided is considered Private property of Adapt 2 Healing LLC Please ask writen permission to use or copy any information stated 

Adapt 2 Healing  agency shall not discriminate against staff or individuals receiving services on
the basis of race, color, creed, disability, religious affiliation, ancestry, sex, gender,
gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, ethnicity, or
economic status, and must observe all applicable State and Federal statutes and
Updated Dec 2020

Thank You Your consideration of Service and Partnership. Spaces fill Quickly with daily appointments. You will be notified as quickly as possible as to your referral status.  ( Reminder A mandatory Intake and Consultation FEE will apply once service is approved. Intake and Consultation are scheduled for two hours @ $102.00. You may inquire for more information.  Invoices are sent thorough secure email and or by USPS fees may apply.

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